About college1

About college

GBOU RS(Y) "Churapchinskiy College"

Opened in 2000 as branch Yakut state university im. M.K. Ammosova, in 2005 was transformed in independent state institution of the average vocational training.

The Founder Churapchinskiy college (the branch) Yakut state university im. M.K. Ammosova in that time was A.S. Iustinova, the first director Churapcha municipal gimnaziya, the first director of the college, now undersecretary ministry vocational training, preparation and placements of the personnel(frames) of the Republic Sakha (YAkutiya). In 2005г. director was nominated Fedorov Vladimir Apollonovich, -Well-earned teacher of the formation RS(Y), -Well-earned teacher of the vocational training RS(Y), Well-earned workman of the vocational training RF. Popov Evgeniy Viktorovich is nominated With 2010г. director of the college.

Churapchinskiy college today prepares the specialist average  technical and economic direction on 5 professions day and on 4 professions evening forms of the education. Montage and usage of the systems of gas supply,  Economy and accounting, Construction of the buildings and buildings, Teplosnabzhenie and Heat technology equipment, Montage, adjustment and usage of the electric equipment industrial and civil buildings . 5 Pulpits work On this profession: social pulpit-humanitarian discipline, managing Maksimova Alena Nikolaevna, pulpit public-professional discipline, managing Zhergina Marfa Vladimirovna, -student prof. formation RS(Y), pulpit heat-gas supply, managing Orlova Alena Gavrilievna, pulpit of the economy and accounting, managing Popov Nikolay Efremovich, -Well-earned of the vocational training RS(Y), pulpit of supply, managing Fedorov Vladimir Apollonovich, -Well-earned of the formation RS(Y), -Well-earned of the vocational training RS(Y), Well-earned workman of the vocational training RF. As well as in our college works the methodical association a master production education and practical persons, leader of the association is Kazhenkin Nikolay Nikolaevich, -Well-earned of the agriculture RS(Y).